About Me


I'm Sherri Nicole, a Miami, Florida native and resident. As a little girl, I dreamed of making a name for myself, I always wanted to be successful. I have 3 adult children and I have a professional career outside of being owner of Nu Lyfe Scented Soy Candles. I’m also the author of the book, Mad Lyfe of an NBA Wife: A Real Lyfe Story. In 2011, I created a name for myself with only 4 candles. By 2018, because of the growing demand for my products, Nu Lyfe Scented Soy Candles became a business. My passion has always been fueled behind creativeness leaving you completely satisfied as a client. I can only express to you how wonderful my candles are, my goal is for you and the rest of the world to experience them for yourselves. Read my latest featured article here.